Geocaching is a fun way to explore nature. Using GPS on your phone, you can explore new places. Following the directions provided by the geocaching website, you can find the hidden treasure box. Make sure you bring along a small token to exchange with items already in the geocache. This is a fun way to explore Black Elk Neihardt Park and enjoy its beauty. Find out more at

"It was like a treasure hunt. I felt like a pirate"
--Otte 6th Grade Destination Imagination team member


When you go to Black Elk Neihardt Park there is a playground there to greet you. There are swings, a slide, a merry-go-round, a teeter totter, and a jungle gym! The kids can play and hang out and have fun. There is also a playground parking lot on the north side of the park on Adams Street.

"We had so much fun. I felt like a little kid again."
--Otte 6th Grade Destination Imagination team member

Picnic Shelter

After your family has played in the park, you can enjoy a picnic or cook-out under the picnic shelter's unique dome shaped roof. Overlooking the Tower of the Winds and the park's hiking trail, you'll find picnic tables, a fire pit, and indoor restrooms all under one roof!

"I'm planning a family reunion this summer and this would be a great place to have it."
--Otte 6th Grade Destination Imagination team parent

Frisbee Golf

At Black Elk Neihardt Park, there is a 9-hole Frisbee golf course. The holes are spread out all over the park so you get a good workout while having lots of fun! And make sure you bring your own Frisbee! Check it out on DG Course Review

"The golf course takes you around the park. Playing Frisbee golf is challenging and really fun!"
--Otte 6th Grade Destination Imagination team member

Hiking Trail

Black Elk Neihardt Park has a paved hiking trail which is 0.8 miles long. There are benches along the trail, so if you get tired you can rest. Dogs are allowed at the park too, so you can walk your dog on the trail.

"Walking on the trail is a great way to get in touch with nature and get exercise."
--Otte 6th Grade Destination Imagination team member

Kite Flying

If you like flying kites, this park is the place for you. Since Black Elk Neihardt Park is up on a hill, it is often very windy - perfect for kite flying. Springtime is ideal for getting out with your friends and family to go fly a kite.

Black Elk Neihardt Park - Blair, Nebraska
Black Elk Neihardt Park  
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